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Welcome All! Empty Welcome All!

Post  EricaRaine on Sat May 30, 2009 11:43 pm

Welcome to Open Solace!

This is a place where survivors of trauma can relax at ease in a friendly setting. As we have some topics that might be serious, this place is predominantly for relaxation and not for serious survivor support.

We have a IRC chatroom which can be accessed via the "irc chat" option in the navigation bar. It is a chatroom that is on a public server (rizon.net), but it is still predominantly private, especially considering a passcode is required to access the channel. The "irc chat" link on the site which is only available to members has the passcode automatically added.

Rule wise its pretty simple:

1) Please be polite and courteous to other members and staff, whether it is in forum or chat.

2) Profanity is allowed as long as it is not excessive or directed at someone.

3) In the RP section no God Modding please. (controlling other player's actions).

4) When posting please try to post more than a few words. This rule does not apply to topics in "OTHER" folder.

5) Keep spam to "OTHER" folder only, please.

6) No Trolling please.

7) Please refrain from posting pornography or links to such material.

Topics in the "OTHER" category do not count towards points.

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