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Post  EricaRaine on Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:03 pm

We have a IRC chatroom if anyone is interested in using it.

IRC chatroom Osirc

If above picture link is broken

And for those who use a separate IRC client other than mibbit
Server :
Channel: #OpenSolace

Information about IRC's -

put this where you type and replace the information where you see <> also do not include <> when you type it on the line.

/me <action> has you do an action in the window
/nick <new name> changes the name you are known by in the chatroom spaces in a name have to have _ in them.

Also keep in mind that Rizon is a public server that anyone can access a channel from if they search around (which is really rare, to be honest). I have made sure that the channel is a little safer with a mode that makes the channel somewhat secret from most outside users. If you need to say something imperative and you do not want nobody else knowing, PM that other member so you can talk to them privately. For the most part Rizon is friendly and will not nose in on the chat unless server rules are being broken repeatedly.

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